Why You Need Life Insurance

  • Income for Your Spouse
  • Money for Kid's College
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Peace of Mind

#7 Lincoln National

Lincoln national Life Reviews

  • Variable term insurance policies
  • Helpful information center
  • Various add-on financial services
  • Prompt customer support
  • Premium payment flexibility

Service Review

The long, century-old, proud history of Lincoln National Financial Group has shown their customers through thick and thin. When it comes to long-term planning, Lincoln National seems to be the best option for strategic investment guidance based on their financial policy, which is quite responsible fiscally. Your specific requirements are bound to find a quality solution through the customized services and policy options provided by Lincoln National irrespective of whether you’re looking for any standard term-life coverage or seeking coverage to protect your estate for the future of your children.

Policy benefit and flexibility

The different coverage options are often quite confusing for the life insurance applicants, especially for the first-timers. They are not aware of the advantages and disadvantages of specific features or conditions involved in a policy. The inexplicable insurance terms have been simplified and explained by Lincoln National through their disclaimers and articles. They have also developed a learning center for prospective customers. Besides explaining these disclaimers, benefits and limitations, their policy papers are likely to show you through a detailed analysis of all features. Based on your eligibility and requirements, you may enjoy term life insurance benefits provided by Lincoln National for a period of 30, 20, 15 or 10 years.

Cost and packages

The life insurance offers from Lincoln National include variable universal, universal life and standard term life insurance policies. Under circumstances that the policy holder dies within the policy tenure, his term life insurance benefits will be forwarded to his beneficiaries. The low premium rates associated with term life insurance is one of its distinct benefits. In comparison to universal life insurance the premiums seem a lot cheaper. In addition, you’re also assured that with inflation your premiums will stay even.

Alongside helping your beneficiaries from financial crisis, the variable universal life and universal life insurance coverage offered by Lincoln National can help you accumulate enough cash value through a life insurance policy. You may also enjoy these universal life policies in the form of survivorship policies. This will ensure equal protection for your and your spouse in the event of an unforeseen incident.

Support and Help

Lincoln National has its life insurance offices based in North Carolina. Members of their staff are usually very responsive and polite. Your issues get addressed immediately when you call them during business hours. You have an added advantage if you reside on the East Coast. Concerns shared over emails are also responded quite thoroughly and promptly.


Income, age and health are some of the vital factors that determine your benefits and premiums with all insurance policies. The term life insurance quotes offered by Lincoln National are really quite competitive for the non-smoking, aged citizens. Lincoln National is worth recommending out of a whole lot of insurers competing for your money. In case you’re urgently looking for a quality life insurance policy, you may contact Lincoln National for a variety of services, flexibility of plans and extensive coverage.

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